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short - synopsis

'Loneliness never walks alone' is a phantasmagorical excursion into the depth of the soul, a revue-like dealing with the power of the conscious and the subconscious. The MAN (Wolfgang Seidenberg) flees from the perpetual repetitions of his life, from the expectations and from the imposed responsibilities of a standardized life.

The screenplay is based upon Roland Reber’s theatre play MY DREAM IS JUST A SICK CHILD that Reber directed successfully in Lünen in 1985. In March 2007 the idea to make a film out of this subject was created. After only one month of preparation for screenplay, cast and crew, location scouting, organization etc., 24 days of shooting with little sleep and much enthusiasm of everyone involved, the film was finally accomplished in September 2007, after another 92 days of post production and will be theatrically released in Germany on March 13th 2008.

The main part of the MAN is played by Wolfgang Seidenberg, who worked - after graduating as an actor at the Max Max-Reinhardt-Seminar in Vienna -  in theatres like the Burgtheater in Vienna, the Schauspielhaus in Vienna, the Bad Hersfeld Festival etc. In Film and Television he worked with directors like Edgar Reitz (Die Zweite Heimat), Steven Spielberg (Schindlers List), Dagmar Damek, Gernot Roll and others; since 1994 he plays the role of “Frank Töppers” in the daily  TV series “Marienhof”.

The shootings took place at original sites, like canalization or garbage dump, as well as in the studio. On an abandoned factory site, a place far away from the daily distractions, the MAN has the chance to draw the attention to himself and  to make a tour through the garbage of his life, in thoughts. These thoughts, like the talk show for example, were realized in studio, an artificial, nearly theatrical place, just like life is a stage or a show in which everybody plays his role and is trapped in his own and other’s role definitions.

The film author Roland Reber not only takes the Protagonist onto a journey through his thoughts, but also the audience onto a journey through our mass media entertainment culture, both with a critical wink.

Roland Reber: “ Meanwhile nearly every subject is being exposed in the media: one gets married on TV, cooks, builds a house, saves animals – everything is turned into a multimedial show, everything is staging. The present situation of the media is only the mirror of our own life, that everyone directs himself, but not according to the own needs, but to what is most effective for the audience, respectively the viewing figures.”

MY DREAM or LONELINESS NEVER WALKS ALONE is a composition made of words and music, accompanied with truly felt passion and the human torment about the understanding of one of the most personal subjects – the quest of the Why.

The film leaves space for more – more for oneself, more for a further part, in which the viewer might find what the MAN searches in the film.



director's statement

Roland Reber: “I only think about the meaning when the film is released in cinemas and I discuss with the audience. If I had a prefabricated interpretation, this would mean to take away the vision of the own thoughts from the audience. I see my way of making cinema as an adventure of the own mind, that provokes reflection.”










headwords of the films

  • taboo breaking
  • double moral standards
  • sexuality
  • passion
  • obsession
  • striptease bar
  • table dance bar
  • society
  • behavioral norms
  • compulsion
  • constraint
  • enforcement
  • borders
  • absurdity
  • insight
  • awareness
  • knowledge
  • realisation